20110413 - Back from sudden Hiatus Hello! Welcome to the site. As you may know, (Mainly northern) Japan has suffered through a tsunami, earthquakes, and now many aftershocks, and a Nuclear crisis. I am fortunate to say that WaT are fine! But please keep praying and donating to those in Japan.

20100105 - Greeting: TECCHAN, OTANJOUBI OMEDETO ! :D
Ourly lovely Teppei is finally 24 years old ! ♥
Let's wish him a birthday ! :D

20100101 - Site Update: HOHOHO :D ! Did everyone have a nice new year start ? 'Cause I've certainly did ♥
Anyways ! Slacker!Me is ...slacking hohoho .__.;; YOSH ! Let's do our best, everyone ! :D

20091223 - Site Update: Wow Christmas is only 2 days away ! 'O' haha ~ And I hope those who celebrate Hanukkah had a great time too ! ♥
Back on updates ~ Although the site still seems pretty empty...
Please look forward to new updates that are coming in these weeks ! :D
Remember to have a GREAT time, Everyone ! :D

This site is dedicated to Wentz Eiji and Koike Teppei. Together, they are WaT. No matter what they do, the two of them will always strive to do their best, as a team and individually.

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